︎SEPT 2019

Subjective Framework is a study of subject/object interaction within the context of a framed environment. Through the use of photo, video, and collage, Ben DeHaan explores what it means to be the subject of your own study (the camera) while simultaneously being studied by the outside environment (the webcam) and
how to represent this subject matter in material form (the collage). A landscape emerges; moving, connecting and building layers on itself while simultaneously fragmenting. This intricate network of visual information was built with the premise of playing with a singular frame and playing with where those boundaries begin and end.

Ben DeHaan Writes:
I am interested in representing images and forms as being in a state of flux, rather than something easily
consumed. I want identities to appear to have an evolutionary interaction with their surroundings. I think as humans we want to identify and consume images quickly in a way that is easy to understand where the edge is understood as the complete container of information. I want to present a reality of an image being more complex where context exists outside of its container, and where there is depth in exploring the surface.